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francesco lo giudice

new album 'THE TRUNK'
out now

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Francesco 'Olmo' Lo Giudice was born in Bologna and grew up in London, Rome and East Sussex. After graduating in Bristol he moved out to Berlin and has been based there since.

His musical style ranges from electronic production to acoustic songwriting, with every new project bringing a new found style and flavour to his creative writing.

After the release of his debut EP “Roots” in 2016 Olmo continued to pursue personal and creative growth working with various fellow artists in Berlin, releasing with Alice Phoebe Lou, producing with Acid Pauli, going on extensive tours supporting Jesper Munk or L.A. Salami, performing at TEDx Berlin and in 2020 releasing a full length album with his childhood friend Frank Dillane (a.k.a. Mathilda).



photo by Alina Gärtig


photo by Alina Gärtig

This year Olmo took to writing, recording and producing new songs at his studio in Berlin, a room in a community art space (Artistania) where Fran often curated nights. There, together with fellow musicians, Fran recorded his biggest solo body of work to date, a new LP aptly named “The Trunk”.

The work consolidates his craft as a meticulous producer and careful songwriter, confronting pressing social issues of our time, exploring mental health, the male ego as well as the eternal mystery of love (or lack thereof).

The album is mixed by Digby Smith and mastered by Stuart Hawkes and was released on June 10th 2022 in partnership with Motor Music and the the invaluable support of Initiative Musik.


photo by Alina Gärtig


photo by Alina Gärtig


'instant joy of great pop songwriting'

'a bit of bright psych pop, sweet folk, and buoyant melody can go a long way in the right hands, and Berlin’s Olmo is up to the task'

'standout, hypnotizing, impressive'


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